The Truth of Starting a Business Online

You’re lying in bed. Staring at the clock.

You’ve tried everything to get to sleep.

But nothing seems to work. You’re still wide awake.

In fact, you’ve been awake for several hours.

And this has happened every night this week.

It’s not because you’ve been binge-watching Netflix or because you drank a ton of coffee before you went to bed (although that’s probably not helping), it’s because there’s something you can’t stop thinking about.

Something that your brain tries endlessly to solve with no result. Something that is going to keep you awake again tomorrow night.

The future of your business.

You want the freedom and independence that you and your family deserve, but trying to navigate the digital landscape can send you into a fetal position in under a minute.

What are conversion analytics? What’s a CMS? How do you install a plugin?

More importantly, how do you stand out from the over 1 billion websites currently vying for attention online?

With an over 90% failure rate, the odds of your business surviving aren’t good.

You need an edge.

You need a clean, optimized site poised to grab the attention of your ideal audience.

You need a marketing plan that reflects current sales trends.

You need individualized attention that caters to your distinct goals.

And you shouldn’t have to compromise to do it.

That’s where we come in.

The Team at True Story Marketing Group has been building and growing online businesses since 2009.

We take pride in helping you develop your internet presence using cutting edge website design, proven marketing techniques and new for 2016, business coaching.

We help inspired entrepreneurs achieve prosperity and independence while maintaining their unique, authentic vision.

Entrepreneurs like you.

Because when you are passionate about sharing your gifts with the world, you deserve a professional, knowledgeable team to support you every step of the way.

True Story.